The Concept

Across the globe, registrars are bodies which regulate and define the particularities of every piece of land in their territory. The geometrical shapes of the ROTC branding represents these defined pieces of land.

The deconstructed brand geometry becomes a visual language that can express itself in an infinite number of graphically-composed phrases and sentences. This design concept comes to life through the branding of the Registrars of Title Conference 2017.

The Colours

Two of the brightest colours of our brand spectrum were selected as the base colours. From the interaction and combination of these colours, a third colour is produced. The dark blue symbolises the rich cultural crucible that Edinburgh will become over the next few days; a melting pot of professionals from all over the globe with land registration as the central connection.

The Apiration

This dynamic branding was created with the intention to make the guest/product interaction more appealing and to inspire more dynamic interactions at the event itself. By engaging guests visually and adding a secondary layer to their experience of the event, the end goal is to positively influence the human interactions that are at the heart of the Registrars of Title Conference.